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NCT-Smarthome is a pioneer in the field of Smart Home design, multi-zone lighting and sound solutions today. We have a team of experts with many years of experience to bring customers the best quality Smart Home services.

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Design Smart Home Automation System!

We are a professional company in the field of designing, constructing and meeting smart home solutions according to European standards.

In Vietnam, NCT-Smarthome specializes in distributing smart electrical equipment brands. world famous such as ABB, Hager, Berker, Siemens, Ipas…helping the house become smarter, safer and more convenient in life.

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What Do You Need Us To Do??

Smart lighting Control System

Smart Curtains Homekit

Air Conditioning Control

Roller Door Control, Plant Watering Pump

Multi-room Audio System

Anti-Intrusion Security System

Smart Fire Alarm Security System

Energy Management Solution

TV Control System and Entertainment Sound System

Air Quality Control System

Soil Quality Monitoring System

Water Quality Monitoring System

Video Doorbell System

Switch System



Customer Service

NCT is the place where we have carefully selected and produced the most potential real estate for everyone to invest and develop together.

See customers as relatives
Listen and answer customer questions clearly and understandably
Empathize with customer problems
Understanding customer psychology
Scientific time management
Friendly and sociable with customers
Responsible for customers
Regularly interact with customers